William D. Grant House

William D. Grant House –  Circa 1895

The Grant House is a Queen Anne Victorian at the corner of Prospect and High Streets.  Its beautifully maintained exterior is shown to best advantage by the muted greens of the paint scheme.  That added to the rounded porch, cut stone work and tower make the 1895 home a distinctive landmark on a busy corner.  Before it was purchased by the state in 1998, the house had been owned and occupied by only one family, the Grants.  First, by William and Jenny Grant and subsequently by their son Walter and his wife until Walter’s death in 1997.

Upon entering through the double door double entrance, visitors will be impressed by the foyer with its dark ornately-carved mahogany millwork on the stairway, rich flooring and an exquisite stained glass window.  The vibrant colors in the large window and the depth of the wood accents contrast perfectly with the pale oyster walls.

The front parlor’s main feature is another breathtakingly beautiful stained glass window.  The sitting room features an intricately carved wood fireplace that displays artwork over the mantel to help draw your attention and to reinforce the saying that “the hearth is the heart of the home.”  Be sure to note the muted yellow and tan tile surrounds and especially the reclining classic female figure just below the mantel.

The Victorian kitchen has been renovated, making it more functional by adding contemporary appliances.  It has an “L” shaped kitchen layout featuring wood cabinets.  This entailed moving the sink to a position under the window.  The floor covering has been replaced with hardwood to match the floors throughout the house.  An elevator provides access to the 2nd story.

Directly across from the den there is a bedroom whose wall covering is a tan design with a dove colored background.  This pattern has a more masculine feel since in Victorian Era this room was primarily used as a library reserved for the men of the home.

The 2nd floor is an ample area with four rooms, bath and two small private nooks for reading, typical of the era. The front room was probably used as a library.  The master bedroom with its bayed window features an ornate fireplace with multi-mirrored beveled glass and small shelves.  The scroll work on the iron inset in the fireplace hearth should be noted.  This room has some authentic marble topped furniture and the other rooms sport vintage beds, desks, and chairs.

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