Fayette Goss House

Fayette Goss House – Circa 1888

This Queen Anne style house was built in 1888 for Fayette Goss who sold the property in 1919 to George E. Hinman, Judge of Supreme Court of Errors of the Supreme Court, Attorney General, lawyer and editor.

The house is understated and modest for the time period.  Typical of the era, however, are the wraparound porch in front and side with pillars, the small upstairs porch off the master bedroom and the one off the kitchen.  The windows  in the attic feature Victorian gingerbread and are accented with cranberry and blue trim.  Detailed molding, decorative trim and original lincrusta highlight the foyer and stairway.  Accessories throughout the house include ceramic, glass and brass knobs.  The simply-carved fireplace is fashioned of wood and brick with marble trim.

On display are copies of souvenir editions of the Willimantic Herald of which George Hinman was the editor and documents highlighting Judge Hinman’s law career and his active role in Windham county.  Also on view are family photos and photos of the Goss family, scrapbooks, baby clothes, crafts, hats & other items covering a period of over 1000 years, lovingly preserved intact.

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